Your Essential In-House Counsel

Your business encounters legal issues nearly every day, from the need for basic service contracts to complex buy-sell agreements, to advice regarding business structure and succession. It is impossible to run a successful business operation without dedicated legal help. Large or small, however, very few businesses have the budget for in-house counsel. My practice at Cohen Law Firm caters to business owners. I offer you the one-on-one local attention you can’t get at oversized law firms, combined with the cost savings you need to stay profitable. With nearly three decades of experience assisting businesses with all manner of transactional issues, I am the “in-house” counsel your business needs.

The Risks of Do-It-Yourself Lawyering

Few business owners cut corners because they are lazy. In fact, business owners are some of the hardest working people in our nation and the backbone of our economy. But because business owners put everything they have into the companies they run, they try to minimize costs and save time whenever possible, and are often understandably reluctant to hire an attorney whose fees will result in short-term expenses. However, when it comes to contract negotiation and drafting, or complex restructuring and liability protection, or agreements between shareholders, members, partners, or investors, preparing your own documents without appropriate legal assistance is inherently risky. More importantly, it can easily end up costing you more in the long run when disputes arise, you are not properly protected from liability, or unexpected events occur.

Not only will proper legal representation early on often avoid disputes or problems in the first place, when disputes or other issues do arise, you want the peace of mind of knowing that your documents were prepared by knowledgeable counsel with the experience to anticipate potential issues long before they arise. That kind of advance planning will often provide a simple mechanism for resolving the dispute or problem, saving far more in the long term than the short-term costs of the initial legal services.

At Cohen Law Firm, I am committed to providing my clients with cost-effective solutions that reduce risk, protect assets, and minimize liability. Because I have worked with business owners for nearly 30 years, I understand the importance of protecting your bottom line. With decades of experience both in and out of the courtroom, I help business owners anticipate possible red flags and avoid future pitfalls. Together, we can safeguard your business and grow what you have built.

Contract Drafting

Business relationships are often complicated; business contracts should not be. A well-prepared contract sets forth all the rights and responsibilities of the parties involved. At Cohen Law Firm, I believe in preparing comprehensive documents written in clear language and plain terms. I work with my clients to create contracts aimed toward avoiding future disputes and providing a simple mechanism for those disputes or issues that do arise. Whether your business is a small family-owned enterprise or a large corporation, I handle all types of contract negotiation and drafting, including:

  • Purchase and sale agreements for stock, membership interests, equipment, or the entire business
  • Real estate agreements of all kinds
  • Partnership, shareholder, and operating agreements
  • Finance agreements
  • Security agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • License agreements
  • Stock option agreements
  • Equity participation agreements
  • Management agreements
  • Nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements
  • Miscellaneous agreements of any kind desired by the particular client

When conflicts or other issues arise, my clients know that they are protected by clear, comprehensive documents that specify the rights and obligations of all parties, and provide efficient mechanisms for resolution of the issues. If the issues cannot be resolved by those mechanisms, and the last resort of litigation becomes the only remaining avenue, I can handle that litigation through trial and a potential appeal in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible, seeking the quickest resolution available.

Contract Negotiation

Contracts are an integral part of every industry. The success of your business depends on how your company handles contractual relationships, whether you are working with customers, clients, vendors, merchants, suppliers, or your own investors, partners, shareholders, or members. Careful negotiation and complete discussion and agreement on all issues at the beginning of a business relationship can prevent disaster down the road.

It is my belief that the best business lawyers have substantial litigation experience. Conversely, good litigators have a comprehensive understanding of business issues and how to properly draft business documents. As a seasoned trial attorney, I know the types of disputes that consistently plague businesses and know how to draft business documents to avoid litigation. As an experienced business lawyer, I have the comprehensive understanding necessary to efficiently handle complex business litigation. This allows me to provide effective, meaningful counsel to my clients so they can avoid disputes, save money, and focus on their goals, rather than on legal matters or litigation.

Westlake Village Business Lawyer

I welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your business goals and solve whatever legal problems you may have. Please call my office today at (805) 267-7147 or e-mail me at to discuss your issues or to make an appointment.