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General Civil Litigation and Appeals

No one relishes the prospect of litigation. I have never had a client who enjoyed it! Unfortunately, it can be extremely expensive, and even if you win, you end up with only a pyrrhic victory, never able to collect your winnings. Sometimes, however, when other avenues of resolving a dispute have been tried without success, or if relief from a court is the only means of protecting important rights, a lawsuit becomes unavoidable. If you find yourself embroiled in litigation or a dispute that has the potential to wind up in a courthouse, you don’t just need a lawyer, you need a trial lawyer.

Not All Lawyers Are Litigators

Many talented lawyers never set foot in a courtroom. They may focus their practice on areas of the law other than litigation or, since the vast majority of lawsuits settle before they reach trial, may have only participated in one or two trials in their career. I have been representing individuals and businesses involved in litigation for decades, trying scores of cases and successfully resolving scores more before trial. When you have a legal matter that puts your livelihood and personal assets on the line, I have the skill and experience to represent you at every stage of your legal dispute.

Representing Individuals and Businesses

Whatever the subject matter of the dispute, my focus is always the same: achieving the best possible outcome that combines efficiency with results. In some cases, a quick settlement provides the best way of reaching that goal. In other cases, going to trial before a jury may be the only way to protect or vindicate your rights. In either case, having a trial lawyer who prepares for trial from day one, and who is ready to go to the mat, puts the client in the best position to obtain the desired result both in the courtroom and at the negotiating table.

Good Litigators Are Well Prepared and Organized

The key to great work in the courtroom, whether at motion hearings or trial itself, is comprehensive preparation and infallible organization. As you will see when you visit me in my office, I am extremely well-organized. My organizational skills have served me well over the years and have allowed me to be prepared for any eventuality that may arise in the courtroom. You will never see me fumbling for documents or unable to find what I need in front of a judge or jury.

My experience has taught me the perfect courtroom demeanor, the ability to intuit what is important to the judge and think and act quickly on my feet, and the wisdom to know when to continue pressing an argument or when to shut up, knowing that the judge already has all he or she needs and does not want to hear any more from me. Litigation is an art, requiring not only knowledge of the law, but knowing when and how to use that knowledge. Great trial work comes only with experience, study, preparation, and organization, qualities I use in abundance with all my litigation matters.

Good Litigators Are Constantly Learning New Subject-Matter

One of the most interesting things about litigation is the need to learn about the subject-matter involved in the case. If the case involves complex engineering concepts, I learn all about engineering. If the case involves construction of swimming pools, I learn all about construction of swimming pools. Whether the case requires detailed knowledge of chemical formulations, computer programming, aerodynamics, manufacturing, the restaurant business, statistics, or any other discipline, I will work hard, in a cost-effective manner, to fully understand the details of the subject-matter of the action, from the client, the internet, experts, and other appropriate resources.

When a Dispute Goes Beyond Trial

A jury’s verdict or a judge’s ruling does not always mean that a case is over. When an appeal is necessary to protect or vindicate your rights, or when the other side challenges the result, I have the experience and knowledge to advance your interests at the appellate level. Appellate practice is unique and nuanced; my work reflects a thorough understanding of what it takes to be successful in higher state and federal courts. Not only do I handle appeals of cases I have taken to trial myself, but I am equipped to handle appeals after a verdict in a trial handled by someone else.

My Commitment to You

Whether you have never before needed a lawyer or you have defended or brought multiple lawsuits, litigating a dispute is rarely pleasant. But I can bring you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that in handling your case, your lawyer will be thorough, well-prepared, organized, zealous, accessible, informative, professional, strategic, efficient, dedicated, and cost-effective.

Cohen Law Firm: Your Westlake Village Civil Litigation and Appellate Attorney

Whatever your dispute, I welcome the opportunity to work with you to find a tailored solution that puts the matter behind you with the best possible outcome. Please call my office today at (805) 267-7147 or send me an email to discuss your case or to make an appointment.